Jams and Jellies


Wild Blueberry Jam

This is our best selling jam. Our blueberry jam recipe contains a small portion of home grown rhubarb. The rhubarb provides the acidity that enables the blueberries, sugar and fruit peel pectin to form a proper gel. Rhubarb also adds taste interest and complexity to the jam when combined with the delicately delicious flavour of our sun-ripened wild blueberries.


Lingonberry Jam

This jam is made from the fruit produced by our small experimental patch of cultivated lingonberries, commonly called partridgeberries in Newfoundland.  These plants are native to the boreal forests of Eurasia and North America. We find that they thrive in a corner of our wild blueberry field. The jam is well known in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. The berries look like small cranberries but have their own pungent taste. Lingonberry jam can also be used as an excellent meat sauce.

Blueberry/Lingonberry Jam

We have discovered that lingonberries make a delicious combination jam when partnered with wild blueberries and have created our own recipe for this product.

Blueberry/Rasberry Jam

Our combination recipe brings qualities of both of these delicious fruits together in a lovely jam.


Strawberry Jam

We grow strawberries from varieties that have top ratings for flavour. Our small batch cooking method preserves the fresh character of the berries resulting in jam with wonderful taste.

Wild Blackberry

Explore the complex fruity taste of our blackberry jam. We harvest the berries from a patch of wild blackberry canes that have been producing for well over 40 years. The plants are surrounded and nourished by the forest and its creatures, and are kept moist by the fresh underground water that trickles through our part of the Canadian Shield.


Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam

Our mouth-watering strawberries in combination with finely chopped rhubarb produce jam with a more complex taste and more texture than plain strawberry jam.

Rhubarb Jam

Jam made from our fresh rhubarb stems tastes refreshingly different on toast or biscuits – a savoury treat.


Red Currant Jelly

We have found an excellent recipe for making this jelly that brings out the rich flavour of this lovely red fruit.

Raspberry Jam

Our small batch jam making procedure preserves the wonderful fresh essence of the zesty Boyne raspberries that we use for our jam. This jam is a favourite with many customers and is sometimes in short supply.


Gooseberry Jam

Although this jam is less commonly available in Canada, it is very familiar and appreciated in Great Britain. Its flavour is zesty and distinctive.

Chokecherry Jelly

Our cultivated varieties originate from the native shrubs that grow on the Canadian prairies. Their berries make excellent jelly much favoured in western Canada. We are now able to introduce chokecherry jelly to our eastern customers.


Highbush Cranberry Jelly

We find these berries in late fall on wild medium sized shrubs that grow along the forest edges of our farm. The berries make a distinctive, delicious jelly.